The Sarawak Gerontology and Geriatrics Society (SGGS) is a non-profit society that serves those in their golden years to live their best years of their lives.

We achieve this through a close-knit community that authentically cares and supports each other and works in line with the Ministry of Women, Early Childhood and Community Wellbeing Development (KPWK)’s mandate of sustaining community wellbeing for a dignified existence for all.

We believe that the SGGS is likened to the analogy of a chain or a rope:Where independently, the individual is not effective but within a group, collectively we can do great things – Likened to a chain or a rope, belonging in a team or community would achieve more or would stand better when pulling together in unison, encircling within the perimeter, supporting force enjoined to provide extra force, working together and intertwined, supporting and caring for the wellbeing of each other.

The Sarawak Gerontology & Geriatrics Society was established to develop an initial awareness whereby will lead to a long-term health reform plan for Sarawak. Initially in this “tribe” we share awareness into growing older.

 Our objectives:

  • Organize educational talks/ seminars/ conferences
  • Publish newsletters and papers on Gerontological research
  • Networking with other Gerontological organizations.

Armed with these knowledge, we reach out to others in their golden years and empower them with the information to enrich their lives.

At SGGS, we value inclusivity and strive to create a welcoming and supportive community for all members and potential members. We encourage respectful and positive behavior, such as actively participating, showing empathy and kindness towards others, being open to different viewpoints, providing and accepting constructive feedback, working collaboratively to resolve conflicts, taking responsibility for our actions, and considering the needs of the community as a whole. We also ask that you be mindful of your surroundings and considerate of others’ availability and resources when seeking help, including our local SGGS team.

Event Highlights

Testimonials from members

The platform of SGGS makes me lived out my life to the fullest mentally, physically n spiritually. The years progressed with a sense of purpose as I aged in dignity.

I am so appreciative of this caring community that cares sincerely and authentically which has become my extended family.

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